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Welcome to the World of Forrest Lee Jr.

Hire Forrest for your next recording session or gig ... browse the Store for CD's of Forrest's tasty Tele chops ... Learn from the artist himself with instructional DVD's ... grab a T-Shirt or Koozie ... cruise on over to the Custom Guitars section to hot rod your favorite guitar or have one built to your specs ... even have Forrest Lee Jr play on your next demo or recording.  

It's all here 24/7, stop by anytime!

Forrest DB Boost B&G Bender Buy it Now

Premier Guitar Magazine review of the famous Forrest Lee customer guitar with B & G Bender, Forrest / Jeff Calahan DB Boost Pickups, and Forrest / Turnstyle Switching System.

Premier Guitar MagazinePremier Guitar Magazine Review

The Forrest Lee Acoustic Bender Buy it Now

Released at Winter NAMM 2011, featuring the amazing work of Forrest Lee Jr. Check back often for more information, pictures and videos from the world's biggest guitar show.

AGLogo Acoustic Guitar Magazine Review

Premier Guitar MagazinePremier Guitar Magazine Editor's Picks

SWLogo Sweetwater Music Guitar of the Week: Video by Mitch Gallagher

SWLogo Sweetwater Music: Video Review by Dave Steffan


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